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Wireless Authors: Esmeralda Swartz, VictorOps Blog, Liz McMillan, Pat Romanski, Elizabeth White

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Wireless Sensor Networks: Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2013 to 2019

LONDON, March 31, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- just published a new market research report:

Wireless Sensor Networks: Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2013 to 2019

Advanced technologies for wireless sensor networks are associated with energy harvesting and thin film batteries. Emerging wireless sensor networking is based on leveraging the feasibility of making sensors work independently in groups to accomplish insight not otherwise available. Advanced storage devices are emerging simultaneously with the energy harvesting devices that are economical, making sensor networks feasible. Storage devices can leverage the power captured by energy harvesting when sensors and devices are interconnected as a network.

Energy storage technologies of super-capacitors and thin-film batteries with cost-effective market presence are set to power wireless sensor networking. Energy harvesting devices have attained workable levels of efficiency.

There are significant cost reductions for wireless sensor networking that have been accomplished in the past few years. Many applications are related to smarter computing that depends on sensors capturing change in conditions and making adjustments to the environment based on measured change.

Worldwide wireless sensor network device market driving forces relate to an overall trend toward implementation of the Internet of things addressing disparate initiatives toward adoption of the smarter planet for buildings, roads, transportation, and mobile health initiative for chronic conditions. This smarter planet trend promises to become prevalent as people learn how to use small core processors combined with sensing technology to keep the cities more livable and themselves healthier. Healthy behaviors such as exercise, good diet and stress management have the potential to reverse aging on a molecular level and partly restore the vitality of a person's cells with sensors and communication of the sensor data over wireless sensor networks playing a significant role in management of life.

Healthy lifestyle choices can increase the length of DNA sequences found at the end of a person's chromosomes and reverse aging. This discovery is likely to increase interest in monitoring and testing DNA sequences and looking at the ends of the chromosomes. This discovery is likely to increase a shift toward wellness initiatives. It has stimulated the need for better communication between clinicians and patients. New sensor technology creates the opportunity for monitoring and testing. Wireless sensor network devices can be used to send alerts to at risk people who are exercising.

Wireless sensor networking is set to grow as sensors are freed from the grid and networks implement connectivity that is mesh architecture based. Converting ambient energy to useable electrical energy harvesting (EH) systems creates the opportunity to implement wireless sensor networks. These networks interconnect an inexpensive and compact group of devices and sensors. The networks use wireless capability to power portable electrical devices.

According to Susan Eustis, lead author of the WinterGreen Research team that prepared the wireless sensor network market research study, "Wireless sensor network markets are evolving as smart phone devices and technology find more uses throughout the landscape of the Internet of Things. Sensors can provide monitoring that has not previously been available. Differential diagnostic tools support provide differential information that helps manage our daily lives from traffic patterns to crime detections, to medical treatment."

"The decision process take into account clinical findings from the home monitoring devices and from symptoms verbally communicated in a clinical services setting. Improved economics of healthcare delivery implementation is facilitated by wireless sensor networks. This is true across the spectrum of things that can be monitored by sensors".

These wireless sensor networks in the past have relied heavily on batteries that need to be changed by a human. Energy harvesting technology combined with solid state batteries power an increasing number of consumer and industrial products that are untethered or need to become disconnected from electrical outlets.

The markets for wireless sensor networks at $552.4 million in 2012 become very big, very fast reaching $14.6 billion by 2019. Market growth is dependent on emerging technology. As the wireless technology, the solid state battery, the sensor technology, smart phone technology and the energy harvesting technology all become commercialized, these devices will be used to implement wireless sensor networks.

The wireless sensor networks markets will be driven by the adoption of 8.5 billion smart phones by 2019, creating demand for apps that depend on sensor networks.
WinterGreen Research is an independent research organization funded by the sale of market research studies all over the world and by the implementation of ROI models that are used to calculate the total cost of ownership of equipment, services, and software. The company has 35 distributors worldwide, including Global Information Info Shop, Market, Research and Markets, Electronics.CA, Bloomberg, and Thompson Financial.

WinterGreen Research is positioned to help customers face challenges that define the modern enterprises. The increasingly global nature of science, technology and engineering is a reflection of the implementation of the globally integrated enterprise. Customers trust WinterGreen Research to work alongside them to ensure the success of the participation in a particular market segment.

WinterGreen Research supports various market segment programs; provides trusted technical services to the marketing departments. It carries out accurate market share and forecast analysis services for a range of commercial and government customers globally. These are all vital market research support solutions requiring trust and integrity.

Report Methodology

This is the 581st report in a series of primary market research reports that provide forecasts in communications, telecommunications, the Internet, computer, software, telephone equipment, health equipment, and energy. Automated process and significant growth potential are priorities in topic selection. The project leaders take direct responsibility for writing and preparing each report. They have significant experience preparing industry studies. Forecasts are based on primary research and proprietary data bases.

The primary research is conducted by talking to customers, distributors and companies. The survey data is not enough to make accurate assessment of market size, so WinterGreen Research looks at the value of shipments and the average price to achieve market assessments. Our track record in achieving accuracy is unsurpassed in the industry. We are known for being able to develop accurate market shares and projections. This is our specialty.

The analyst process is concentrated on getting good market numbers. This process involves looking at the markets from several different perspectives, including vendor shipments. The interview process is an essential aspect as well. We do have a lot of granular analysis of the different shipments by vendor in the study and addenda prepared after the study was published if that is appropriate.

Forecasts reflect analysis of the market trends in the segment and related segments. Unit and dollar shipments are analyzed through consideration of dollar volume of each market participant in the segment. Installed base analysis and unit analysis is based on interviews and an information search. Market share analysis includes conversations with key customers of products, industry segment leaders, marketing directors, distributors, leading market participants, opinion leaders, and companies seeking to develop measurable market share.

Over 200 in depth interviews are conducted for each report with a broad range of key participants and industry leaders in the market segment. We establish accurate market forecasts based on economic and market conditions as a base. Use input/output ratios, flow charts, and other economic methods to quantify data. Use in-house analysts who meet stringent quality standards.

Interviewing key industry participants, experts and end-users is a central part of the study. Our research includes access to large proprietary databases. Literature search includes analysis of trade publications, government reports, and corporate literature.

Findings and conclusions of this report are based on information gathered from industry sources, including manufacturers, distributors, partners, opinion leaders, and users. Interview data was combined with information gathered through an extensive review of internet and printed sources such as trade publications, trade associations, company literature, and online databases. The projections contained in this report are checked from top down and bottom up analysis to be sure there is congruence from that perspective.

The base year for analysis and projection is 2010. With 2010 and several years prior to that as a baseline, market projections were developed for 2011 through 2017. These projections are based on a combination of a consensus among the opinion leader contacts interviewed combined with understanding of the key market drivers and their impact from a historical and analytical perspective. The analytical methodologies used to generate the market estimates are based on penetration analyses, similar market analyses, and delta calculations to supplement independent and dependent variable analysis. All analyses are displaying selected descriptions of products and services.

This research includes reference to an ROI model that is part of a series that provides IT systems financial planners access to information that supports analysis of all the numbers that impact management of a product launch or large and complex data center. The methodology used in the models relates to having a sophisticated analytical technique for understanding the impact of workload on processor consumption and cost.

WinterGreen Research has looked at the metrics and independent research to develop assumptions that reflect the actual anticipated usage and cost of systems. Comparative analyses reflect the input of these values into models.

The variables and assumptions provided in the market research study and the ROI models are based on extensive experience in providing research to large enterprise organizations and data centers. The ROI models have lists of servers from different manufacturers, Systems z models from IBM, and labor costs by category around the world. This information has been developed from WinterGreen research proprietary data bases constructed as a result of preparing market research studies that address the software, energy, healthcare, telecommunicatons, and hardware businesses.

Table of Contents

Wireless Sensor Networking Market 37
Wireless Sensor Networking Minimization of Power Consumption 42
Wireless Sensor Networking Market Shares 43
Wireless Sensor Networking Market Forecasts 45


1.1 Wireless Network Sensing Objectives 48
1.2 Wireless Sensor Network 51
1.1.1 Wireless Sensor Networks Involve Monitoring, Tracking, Or Controlling 52
1.1.2 Vehicle Tracking and Security 52
1.3 Operating Systems for Wireless Sensor Networks 53
1.4 Zigbee Technology 53
1.5 TinyOS 54
1.6 SOS 54
1.7 Embedded Parallel Operating System (EPOS) 54


1.1 Remote Monitoring as Standard of Care 57
1.1.1 Telemonitoring Systems Premise 59
1.1.2 Sedentary Get Exercise And Heart Failure Patients Pay Attention To
Swelling In Their Feet, Ankles Or Legs 59
1.1.3 Telemonitoring Systems Improve Home Health Care 60
1.1.4 Vital Signs And Health Status Are Measured Daily 61
1.1.5 Telemonitoring at Home 61
1.2 Telemedicine 62
1.2.1 Nursing Stations 62
1.2.2 Telemedicine Services 64
1.2.3 Service Provider Adoption of Tele-Monitoring 65
1.2.4 Telemedicine Delivery Mechanisms 69
1.2.5 Telemedicine Point-To-Point Connections 69
1.2.6 High Definition Video Communication 70
1.3 Telemonitors Customized To Meet Individual Needs 71
1.4 US Makes Telemedicine Priority 74
1.4.1 Federal Funding for Telemedicine 75
1.4.2 US Telemedicine Medicare – 76
1.4.3 US Veterans Health Administration (VA) Use of Telemonitoring 77
1.4.4 Tele-monitoring Demonstrates Positive Results In Improving Health
Care And Reducing Costs Of Veterans 77
1.4.5 US VA Tele-monitoring Targeted Innovation: 79
1.5 Tele-Monitor Devices 81
1.5.1 Customizing Tele-Monitors 81
1.5.2 Intel® Health Care Management Security 82
1.6 Telemonitoring Research 84
1.6.1 New England Journal of Medicine Research 84
1.6.2 NEJM Has Published Several Letters That Critique The Study 86
1.6.3 25 Studies of Remote Monitoring Of Patients With Chronic Heart Disease 89
1.6.4 Bosch Health Buddy Desktop Research 89
1.7 Physician Notification on CHF 90
1.8 US Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act 92
1.9 Federal, State, Local, And Foreign Laws Compliance 94
1.9.1 Government Regulation of Medical Devices 95
1.9.2 Before And After A Medical Device Is Commercially Distributed,
Ongoing Responsibilities Under FDA Regulations 96
1.9.3 Tele-monitoring Third-Party Reimbursement 98
1.10 Health Information Privacy HIPAA Requirements 98
1.10.1 HIPAA Enforcement 104
1.10.2 OCR Responsible For Enforcing HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules 107
1.11 Postacute Care Co-ordination: Healthcare Reform Readmission Penalties 108
1.11.1 Federal Crimes Under The Health Insurance Portability and
Accountability Act HIPAA 109
1.12 Partners Mass General Cardiologist Program for High Risk
Heart Failure Patients 110


2.1 Tele-Medicine and M-Health Market Driving Forces 112
2.1.1 Real-Time Monitoring Of Physiological Data 114
2.1.2 M-Health and Tele-Medicine Market Convergence 115
2.2 M-Health and Tele-Medicine Key Market Shares and Market Forecasts 116
2.2.1 Telemedicine Chronic Disease Tracking Devices Market Share and Forecast 117
2.3 Telemedicine Wireless Sensor NetworkVendor Market Share and Forecast 126
2.3.1 Telemedicine Wireless Sensor NetworkSmart Phone / Tablet Market Forecasts 127
2.4 M-Health Wireless Tele-Health Apps 132
2.5 Carrier Service Provider Telemedicine Market Benefits and Market Forecasts 135
2.5.1 Carrier Service Provider Telemedicine Benefits 136
2.5.2 Carrier Service Provider Telemedicine Challenges 137
2.5.3 Telemedicine Carrier Service Providers 138
2.5.4 AT&T 138
2.5.5 Telemedicine Carrier Service Provider Telemedicine Market Forecasts 139
2.6 Telemedicine From Software and Hardware Providers 141
2.6.1 Intel / GE Care Innovations 141
2.6.2 IBM Watson Cognitive Computing 143
2.7 Tele-Medicine Prices and Reimbursement 145
2.7.1 Cost of Honeywell Homemed Home Health Monitoring & MedPartner 146
2.7.2 TouchPointCare 146
2.8 Interactive Voice Response (IVR) 147
2.8.1 Healthcare Providers Use Technology To Improve Effectiveness Of Care Providers 151
2.8.2 HHSC 151
2.9 M-Health and Tele-Medicine Insurance Initiatives 152
2.9.1 Aetna 152
2.9.2 Kaiser 152
2.9.3 Humana 153
2.9.4 UnitedHelathOne 153
2.9.5 Cigna 153
2.10 M-Health and Tele-Medicine Key Clinical Initiatives 153
2.10.1 Massachusetts General 154
2.10.2 WellPoint 154
2.10.3 Mayo Clinic 155
2.10.4 MD Anderson and Sloan Kettering 155
2.11 Tele-Medicine Alarm Devices 155
2.11.1 Telemedicine Computer Industry Vendor Market Share and Forecast 159
2.11.2 Healthcare Decision Support Market Forecasts 159
2.1.1 Tele-health Originating Site Facility Fee Payment Amount Update 160
2.1.2 Healthcare Decision Support Market Forecasts, Facility, Research, and Insurers 162
2.1.3 Medical Criteria to Ensure Hospitalizations Are Necessary Gets Outdated Too Fast 163
2.12 Rapid Readmissions 163
2.12.1 Medical Criteria to Ensure Hospitalizations Are Necessary Gets Outdated Too Fast 164
2.12.2 Telemedicine Sensors Market Share and Forecast 165
2.12.3 M-Health Apps 166
2.12.4 Telemedicine Carrier Services Market Shares and Forecast 167
2.12.5 Telemedicine Videoconferencing Market Shares and Forecast 170
2.12.6 Congestive Heart Failure 174
2.12.7 Diabetes Chronic Illness Numbers 176
2.12.8 Incidence of Chronic Disease 178
2.12.9 Chronic Diseases Account For Two-Thirds Of Worldwide Healthcare Spending 180
2.12.10 Clinical Staff / Patient Ratios: Physician Shortages 180
2.13 All Regional Metrics Worldwide, US, EMEA, A/P 181
2.14 Tele-medicine IBM Watson, Honeywell, Vitarian, and Bosch Diagnostic
Support Expert Systems 186
2.14.1 Tele-medicine Market Driving Forces 191
2.14.2 Measures of Tele-Medicine Effectiveness 192
2.14.3 Home Patient Monitoring Supports Patient Education 193
2.14.4 Wireless Tele-medicine Devices 193
2.14.5 Real-Time Monitoring Of Physiological Data 195
2.14.6 Tele-medicine IBM Watson, Honeywell, Vitarian, and Bosch Diagnostic Support
Expert Systems 196
2.14.7 Tele-medicine Market Driving Forces 202
2.14.8 Measures of Tele-Medicine Effectiveness 203
2.14.9 Home Patient Monitoring Supports Patient Education 204
2.14.10 Wireless Tele-medicine Devices 204
2.14.11 Real-Time Monitoring Of Physiological Data 206


3.1 Telemedicine Devices 207
3.2 Bosch Healthcare Telemedicine Solutions 208
3.2.1 Bosch Healthcare, Bosch Telemedicine and Care Solutions 208
3.2.2 Bosch Healthcare Supports Independent Living At Home 209
3.2.3 Bosch Telemedicine Solutions 209
3.2.4 Bosch Telemedicine Provides Daily Care for Patients with Chronic Conditions 210
3.2.5 Bosch Devices for Patients with Diabetes 211
3.2.6 Bosch Health Buddy Decision Support Tools 212
3.2.7 Bosch Patient Support System 214
3.2.8 Bosch Telemedicine Results 215
3.2.9 Bosch Healthcare Telemedicine Wireless Systems 215
3.2.10 Bosch Heath Buddy 216
3.2.11 Bosch Healthcare Telemedicine Custom Messaging Feature 217
3.2.12 Bosch Healthcare Telemedicine T400 Home Health Monitor 218
3.2.13 Bosch Healthcare Advancing Telemedicine Solutions Through Dialogue 220
3.2.14 Bosch Healthcare Telemedicine Growth 221
3.2.15 Bosch / McKesson Telemedicine Advisor 222
3.2.16 McKesson Channel Partner - The Bosch Group 225
3.3 Viterion 225
3.3.1 Viterion Telemedicine 229
3.3.2 ViterionNET Capabilities 230
3.3.3 ViterionNET Data-Encryption 233
3.3.4 Viterion® 200 Telemedicine Monitor For Diabetes Care 234
3.3.5 Alegent Health Homecare Viterion 100 Home Care Tele-monitoring Survey 235
3.4 Honeywell 238
3.4.1 Honeywell Tablet Telemedicine App 238
3.4.2 Honeywell Telemedicine Devices 239
3.4.3 Samsung Galaxy Tab to Run Honeywell Cloud Telemedicine App 239
3.4.4 Honeywell Genesis Touch Allows the Galaxy Tablet 240
3.4.5 Honeywell Genesis LifeStream Dashboard 240
3.4.6 Honeywell HomeMed Health Monitoring System: Visiting Nurses Association (VNA) 242
3.4.7 Honeywell HomMed MedPartner 244
3.4.8 Honeywell Homemed Health Monitoring System Criteria for Monitoring 245
3.4.9 Cost of Honeywell HomeMed Home Health Monitoring & MedPartner 246
3.4.10 Honeywell HomeMed Health Monitoring System FDA Class II, Hospital Grade,
Medical Device 247
3.4.11 Honeywell HomMed Med Partner 248
3.4.12 Honeywell HomeMed's Genesis Touch Telemedicine App 249
3.4.13 Honeywell HomMed Genesis Touch include the Fuze Meeting visual collaboration 251
3.4.14 Honeywell HomMed LifeStream™ Platform 252
3.4.15 Honeywell HomMed LifeStream Connect 252
3.5 Cardiocom Commander 253
3.5.1 Cardiocom Commander Modular And Flexible Design 256
3.5.2 Cardiocom System 262
3.5.3 Cardiocom Vital Sign Telemonitoring for CHF, COPD, Asthma, Diabetes,
Hypertension, and Obesity 264
3.5.4 Cardiocom® Multi-Disease Management 265
3.6 Philips HeartStart Telemedicine System 266
3.6.1 Philips Heart Start 267
3.6.2 Philips IntelliVue Application Server 270
3.6.3 Phiips Application Server Positioning 272
3.6.4 Philips Steady Scale 273
3.7 Computer Industry Telemedicine Products 275
3.8 GE Healthcare / Intel Telemedicine 276
3.8.1 Intel Health Sessions 280
3.8.2 Intel Video Calls 280
3.9 IBM Cognitive Computing 281
3.9.1 IBM Smarter Analytics 286
3.9.2 IBM Watson for TeleHelathcare 294
3.10 Google 295
3.11 MERCURYTM Web Telemedicine 296
3.12 Telemedicine Video Conferencing 297
3.13 ZTE Telemedicine 298
3.14 Logitech Lifesize 299
3.15 Vidyo Telemedicine Healthcare 300
3.15.1 Vidyo for Healthcare Applications: 301
3.15.2 Vidyo API 302
3.16 Philips Telemedicine 304
3.17 Global Med Telehealth: Benefits of Video Conferencing 305
3.17.1 GlobalMed Tele-Health Carts 305
3.17.2 GlobalMed Telemedicine Products | Telehealth Equipment | Medical Technology 305
3.17.3 GlobalMed Telemedicine Carts | Telehealth Carts 306
3.17.4 GlobalMed i8500™ Mobile Telemedicine Station 308
3.17.5 GlobalMed TES (Transportable Exam Station) 308
3.17.6 GlobalMed FirstExam™ Mobile Telemedicine Station 310
3.17.7 GlobalMed Teleaudiology Cart | Mobile Medical Carts 312
3.17.8 GlobalMed Medical Technology Products | Mobile Medical Carts 312
3.17.9 GlobalMed Mobile Telemedicine Carts 312
3.17.10 GlobalMed TotalExam™ HD Examination Camera 314
3.17.11 GlobalMed Diagnostic Imaging | Medical Imaging 314
3.17.12 GlobalMed Diagnostic Imaging | Medical Imaging Equipment 316
3.17.13 Global Med Health Care IT | Advanced Medical Technologies 317
3.18 Hospital and Insurance Company Telemedicine Services 317
3.18.1 Hospital Telemedicine Systems 318
3.19 WellPoint 319
3.19.1 WellPoint and IBM 319
3.20 Partners Healthcare Massachusetts General 320
3.21 Cleveland Clinic 321
3.21.1 Cleveland Clinic MyChart 322
3.22 Mayo Clinic 322
3.22.1 Mayo Clinic Telehealth 323
3.23 Kaiser 323
3.23.1 Kaiser 324
3.24 Aetna 325
3.25 Cigna / MDLIVE Team To Advance Digital Health 326
3.26 M-Health Apps 327
3.27 IBM Telemedicine Apps 329
3.28 Video Conferencing Health Apps - CMS 329
3.28.1 Internet Health Products 332
3.29 Polycom 332
3.29.1 Polycom RealPresence Cloud Collaboration Center 333
3.30 Cisco TelePresence System 3200 Series 336
3.30.1 Cisco 339
3.31 Vidyo 340
3.32 Intel 341
3.33 Sony 342
3.34 eICUs 342
3.35 Google 343
3.36 Microsoft/Skype 343
3.37 GreatCall 343
3.37.1 GreatCall Mobile 5Star Urgent Response Apps 344
3.37.2 GreatCall's MedCoach Apps 344
3.38 Logitech LifeSize® Telemedicine: Better Care To More Patients For Less Money 345
3.38.1 Lifesize Telepresence Intelligently Optimized for the Network 348
3.39 Carrier Service Provider Telemedicine Products 349
3.40 AT&T 350
3.40.1 AT&T Virtual Care 350
3.40.2 AT&T Telemedicine Cloud Medical Imaging 352
3.40.3 AT&T Imaging in the Cloud 353
3.40.4 AT&T Telemedicine Mobile Viewer 354
3.40.5 AT&T Medical Imaging and Information Management 356
3.41 Vodafone 357
3.41.1 Vodafone and BlackBerry Tele-Medicine Application In India 357
3.41.2 Vodafone Greece Telemedicine program: 358
3.41.3 Vodafone Greek Telemedicine Program Partners 359
3.42 Verizon 359
3.42.1 Telemedicine Grant from Verizon Brings UVA Medical Care to Rural Virginians 360
3.43 Alcatel-Lucent 362
3.44 American Well collaboration with Harvard Medical School's Joslin Diabetes Center 362
3.45 Cardiocom Telemedicine Nurse 364
3.45.1 Cardiocom's Clinical Services: 364
3.46 Telemedicine Industry Vendor Products 365
3.47 MedApps 366
3.48 Biotronik Cardiac Telemonitoring Devices 367
3.48.1 Biotronik Home Monitoring Lumax 540 Series State-Of-The-Art Features 368
3.49 Care Innovations 369
3.49.1 Care Innovations Patient Reports 370
3.49.2 Care Innovations™ Connect Can Help Seniors In Independent Living Facilities 375
3.50 Nursing Stations 376
3.51 Honeywell Web-Based LifeStream Management Suite 377
3.52 LG Telemonitoring Smartcare System 377
3.53 STMicroelectronics 378
3.54 Viterion® Telemedicinecare Network : 378
3.54.1 Viterion Telemedicinecare Nursing Station 379
3.55 Cardiocom Integrated Systems 380
3.55.1 Cardiocom Tiered Platforms 380
3.56 Pulse Oximetry 382
3.57 Nonin Pulse Oximetry Sensor Accuracy 382
3.57.1 Nonin PureSAT® Pulse Oximetry Technology 382
3.57.2 Nonin True Pulse Detection 383
3.57.3 Nonin Low Signal Filter 383
3.57.4 Nonin Smart Averaging 383
3.58 Portable Heart Monitoring Devices 383
3.59 Kiwok mHealth 384
3.59.1 Kiwok Equipment For Long-Term ECG 384
3.60 Thermograph 385
3.61 JSC CEM TEC Telemedicine 387
3.62 Aliph 387
3.63 Home Medical Stations 388
3.64 A&D Medical 388
3.64.1 A&D Medical Scale 388
3.64.2 A&D Medical Activity Monitor 389
3.64.3 A&D Medical DataSend Personal Blood Pressure Monitor 391
3.65 Authentidate Holding 393
3.65.1 Authentidate Holding ExpressMD™ Solutions 393
3.66 Telemedicine Services 394
3.67 Bosch Telemedicine Services 394
3.67.1 Bosch / VRI 395
3.67.2 VRI Extends The Reach Of Bosch Healthcare Telemedicine Solutions 395
3.68 Consult A Doctor 397
3.69 Honeywell Web-based LifeStream Management Suite 397
3.70 Philips® Telemonitoring Services 397
3.71 TouchPointCare 398
3.71.1 TouchPointCare Telemedicine Program 399
3.71.2 TouchPointCare Telemedicine Positioning 401
3.71.3 TouchPointCare Application 402
3.71.4 TouchPointCare Monitoring Functions 402
3.71.5 TouchPointCare Flexibility 407
3.71.6 TouchPointCare Disease Management Programs 409
3.71.7 TouchPointCare Opinion Surveys – Patients, Physicians, And Employees 410
3.72 Systems Hospitals Are Purchasing For Remote Patient Monitoring 412
3.72.1 Hospital Telemedicine Solutions As A Collaborative Care Model 413
3.73 Telemedicine Sensors 414
3.73.1 Telemedicine Sensor Market Participants 414
3.74 Non-Contact Telemedicine Sensing 417
3.75 Drager 418
3.76 Apple 419
3.77 Nike 419


4.1 Patient-Centered /-Participatory Congestive Heart Failure Telemonitoring 420
4.1.1 Heart Failure Congress 2011 423
4.1.2 TIM-HF Study CHF 424
4.1.3 TheTEHAF study 426
4.1.4 Johns Hopkins Home-Based Telemonitoring 428
4.2 Diabetes Remote Monitoring 430
4.2.1 Diabetes Remote Monitoring Drivers 430
4.2.2 Partners HealthCare Diabetes Remote Monitoring Program Overview 431
4.2.3 Partners HealthCare Diabetes Monitoring Member 432
4.3 Partners Healthcare Blood Pressure Home Monitoring Health Initiative 436
4.3.1 Partners Healthcare Blood Pressure Connect 436
4.4 Medtronic 438
4.5 Health Monitoring 442
4.5.1 Patient-Centered Home Tele Health Monitoring 443
4.6 Chronic Heart Failure Clinical Studies 446
4.7 Texas Pilot Program 449
4.7.1 Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) A Major Chronic Condition 450
4.7.2 Hypertension Intervention Nurse Telemedicine (HINTS) Study 451
4.8 Ingestible Event Marker 452
4.8.1 Home healthcare Technologies 452
4.8.2 Telemonitoring Research Studies 452
4.9 Continua 454
4.9.1 Continua Health Alliance Provides Integration Technology 457
4.9.2 Continua Health Alliance 459
4.10 Telehealth Value Categories 462
4.11 Telemedicine Accessibility 464
4.12 Communities and Collaboration 465
4.13 Telemedicine Value Chain Sustainability 465
4.14 Telemedicine Sustaining Finance Model 467
4.14.1 NHS 467
4.15 Real-Time Remote Medical Diagnosis System (RTRMDS) 468
4.15.1 Tele-pharmacy 469
4.15.2 Electronic Medical Records Detail Drug Information Effectiveness 469
4.15.3 Consumers Increasingly Involved In Treatment Decision-Making 469
4.16 Health Care Monitoring Solutions Technology 470
4.16.1 Health Information Exchange Services 471
4.17 Home-Based Care 473
4.18 'Mobile Health Clinics' 475
4.18.1 Self-Service Kiosks 475
4.18.2 Mobile Health Care 475
4.18.3 Mobile Office a Set Of Commonly Used Mobile Communication Tools 476
4.18.4 Telemedicine Allows Medical Professionals To Consult And Diagnose Patients Remotely 478
4.19 DICOM Index Tracker NDS Surgical Imaging, LLC 480
4.20 Population Of The Developed World Is Growing Older, Medical
Costs Are Rising, Not Enough Doctors To Heal The Elderly Sick 481
4.20.1 Remote Monitoring Device 481
4.21 US Government Tele-Health Subcommittees 482
4.21.1 Telehealth Product Medical Device Regulation In The United States 482


5.1 A&D Engineering / A&D Medical 484
5.1.1 A&D Medical Wellness Connected 486
5.1.2 A&D Wellness Connected Online Service 489
5.2 Aerotel Medical Systems 489
5.3 Aliph 490
5.4 American Heart Association (AHA) 490
5.4.1 American Hospital Association Awards the University of Rochester Medical Center's Pediatric Telemedicine Program Health-e-Access Recognition 491
5.5 American TeleCare 492
5.6 American Telemedicine Association 493
5.7 Apple 495
5.1.1 Apple Revenue 495
5.7.1 Apple Business Strategy 497
5.7.2 Apple Products 498
5.7.3 Apple iPhone 498
5.7.4 Apple iPad 499
5.7.5 Apple Mac Hardware Products 499
5.7.6 Apple iPod 500
5.7.7 Apple iTunes® 500
5.7.8 Apple Mac App Store 501
5.7.9 Apple iCloud 501
5.7.10 Apple Software Products and Computer Technologies 501
5.7.11 Apple Operating System Software iOS 502
5.7.12 Apple Mac OS X 502
5.7.13 Apple TV 502
5.7.14 Apple Net Sales 503
5.8 AT&T 503
5.8.1 AT&T Revenue 505
5.8.2 AT&T Wireless 507
5.8.3 AT&T Services and Products 507
5.8.4 AT&T Voice Service – 508
5.8.5 AT&T Innovative Data Services 509
5.8.6 AT&T Business Customers 509
5.8.7 AT&T Data/Broadband 510
5.8.8 AT&T Business Secure Mobile Threats 511
5.8.9 AT&T Mobile Security 511
5.9 Athens Regional Home Health In-Home Telemonitoring Services 513
5.10 Authentidate Holding 514
5.10.1 Authentidate Holding ExpressMD™ Solutions Joint Venture 515
5.10.2 Authentidate Regional Service Offerings 516
5.10.3 Authentidate Holding Revenues 517
5.10.4 Authentidate Holding Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions 519
5.10.5 Authentidate Holding VA Plan 520
5.10.6 Authentidate Holding Revenue 521
5.10.7 Authentidate Holding / EncounterCare Solutions Joint Venture 522
5.11 Axon 523
5.12 Biotronik 524
5.12.1 Biotronik Electrotherapy 524
5.12.2 Biotronik Vascular Intervention 525
5.12.3 Biotronik CHF Study 526
5.13 Bosch Group 527
5.1.2 Bosch Business Overview 527
5.13.1 Bosch Consumer Goods sales 529
5.13.2 Bosch Automotive Technology sales 531
5.13.3 Bosch Industrial Technology sales 531
5.13.4 Bosch Group 532
5.13.5 Bosch Healthcare Supports Independent Living At Home 532
5.13.6 Bosch Security Systems Division 533
5.13.7 Robert Bosch Healthcare 534
5.13.8 Robert Bosch Remote Patient Monitoring 535
5.13.9 Bosch Healthcare Telehealth Systems 535
5.13.10 Bosch Healthcare Health Buddy System 537
5.13.11 Bosch Addresses Role of Compliance in Telehealth Adoption 537
5.13.12 Bosch North America Veterans Health Administration 538
5.13.13 Bosch / VRI 541
5.13.14 Bosch Healthcare and GreatCall Partnership 541
5.13.15 Bosch Healthcare - Telehealth And Care Solutions Join To Become The
Leading Provider Of Health, Safety, And Communication 542
5.13.16 Bosch Group and Health Hero Network 542
5.14 Cardiocom 543
5.15 Care Innovations: Intel and GE 545
5.2 Cisco 549
5.2.1 Cisco Information Technology 550
5.2.2 Cisco Virtualization 551
5.2.3 Competitive Landscape In The Enterprise Data Center 552
5.2.4 Cisco Architectural Approach 553
5.2.5 Cisco Switching 553
5.2.6 Cisco NGN Routing 555
5.2.7 Cisco Collaboration 556
5.2.8 Cisco Service Provider Video 557
5.2.9 Cisco Wireless 557
5.2.10 Cisco Security 557
5.2.11 Cisco Data Center Products 558
5.2.12 Cisco Other Products 558
5.2.13 Cisco Systems Net Sales 558
5.2.14 Cisco Systems Revenue by Segment 561
5.2.1 Cisco Telepresence Systems Segment Net Sales 563
5.2.2 Cisco Tops 10,000 Unified Computing System Customers 566
5.16 Columbia University's Informatics for Diabetes Education and Telemedicine 567
5.17 Connections365 567
5.18 Continua 568
5.19 Debiotech 570
5.20 Drager 571
5.20.1 Drager Life Support For Newborn Babies 571
5.20.2 Drager Ventilation – Even When Airborne 572
5.20.3 Drägerwerk AG Revenue Nine Months 2013: 572
5.21 Evident Health Services 573
5.21.1 Evident Health Services (EHS) 576
5.22 FuzeBox 577
5.23 Gemalto / Cinterion 579
5.23.1 Cinterion 579
5.23.2 Gemalto / Cinterion 580
5.23.3 Gemalto / CINTERION Active Member Of The Continua Alliance 583
5.23.4 Gemalto / Cinterion Mobile Health - M2M Telemonitoring 585
5.3 Google 585
5.3.1 Google Business 585
5.3.2 Google 2012 Corporate Highlights 586
5.24 GreatCall Healthcare Systems 588
5.25 Home Healthcare Hospice and Community Services (HCS) 589
5.25.1 Home Healthcare Partners (HHP) 590
5.26 Honeywell 590
5.26.1 Honeywell HomMed: 592
5.26.2 Honeywell Genesis Telehealth Monitors and LifeStream™ Management Suite 593
5.26.3 Honeywell HomeMed Health Monitoring System 595
5.26.4 Honeywell HomeMed Health Monitoring System: Health Visiting Nurses Association (VNA) 595
5.26.5 Honeywell Reports Second Quarter 2011 Sales Up 15% to $9.1 Billion 596
5.27 IBM 597
5.3.3 IBM Strategy 597
5.3.4 IBM PureData System for Transactions 598
5.3.5 IBM Business Partners 599
5.3.6 IBM Messaging Extension for Web Application Pattern 600
5.3.7 IBM PureSystems Partners 601
5.3.8 IBM MobileFirst 601
5.3.9 IBM Business Analytics and Optimization Strategy 601
5.3.10 IBM Growth Market Initiatives 602
5.3.11 IBM Business Analytics and Optimization 602
5.3.12 IBM Strategy 603
5.3.13 IBM Smarter Planet 604
5.3.14 IBM Cloud Computing 605
5.3.15 IBM Business Model 606
5.3.16 IBM Business Revenue Segments And Capabilities 607
5.28 Infopia 614
5.28.1 Infopia of Korea 615
5.29 Johns Hopkins Launch Home Telemonitoring Education Initiative 616
5.30 JSC CEM Technology 616
5.31 Kiwok 620
5.32 Kyrocera 621
5.32.1 Kyocera DuraMax PTT Phone 621
5.32.2 Kyrocera Product-Line Management Teams 621
5.32.3 Kyocera Chemical Corporation 623
5.32.4 Kyrocera Revenue 623
5.33 LG 627
5.33.1 LG Telemonitoring Smartcare System 628
5.34 LifeMasters 629
5.35 Logitech 629
5.35.1 LifeSize Telepresence 631
5.35.2 Logitech Revenue Net Sales By Operating Segment 631
5.35.3 Logitech Sales of PC Peripherals In Mature Markets Expected to Decline 634
5.35.4 Logitech LifeSize 635
5.35.5 Logitech Digital Home Category 635
5.35.6 Logitech Sales of OEM Mice And Keyboards 636
5.35.7 Logitech Net Sales by Channel 636
5.35.8 Logitech Segment Revenue 637
5.35.9 Logitech LifeSize 638
5.35.10 Logitech LifeSize UVC Video Conferencing Infrastructure Platform 639
5.36 McKesson 640
5.36.1 McKesson Telehospice Technology 642
5.36.2 McKesson / Caris Healthcare 644
5.37 MedApps 645
5.37.1 MedApps Healthpal 645
5.37.2 VRI Selects MedApps HealthPAL MA105to Extend the Home 646
5.37.3 MedApps Comprehensive Health Information Management Platform 648
5.37.4 MedApps' Value Proposition 650
5.38 Medtronic 651
5.4 Microsoft 653
5.4.1 Microsoft Key Opportunities and Investments 654
5.4.2 Microsoft Smart Connected Devices 654
5.4.3 Microsoft: Cloud Computing Transforming The Data Center And Information Technology 654
5.4.4 Microsoft Entertainment 655
5.4.5 Microsoft Search 656
5.4.6 Microsoft Communications And Productivity 656
5.4.7 Microsoft Revenue 657
5.4.8 Microsoft Customers 658
5.4.9 Microsoft .NET Framework 658
5.38.1 Microsoft Revenue 659
5.39 Montefiore / CMO, the Care Management Company 660
5.39.1 CMO, The Care Management Company 661
5.40 National Committee for Quality Assurance 662
5.41 Nonin Medical, Inc. 662
5.41.1 Nonin Medical AB 663
5.42 Partners Healthcare 663
5.42.1 Partners HealthCare Focus Areas: 665
5.42.2 Partners Healthcare Digital Care Delivery 666
5.42.3 Partners Healthcare Patient Segmentation 666
5.42.4 Partners Healthcare Research and Evaluation Team 666
5.42.5 Partners Healthcare Sample Recent Telemonitoring Projects 668
5.42.6 Programs In Heart Failure, Hypertension, Diabetes And Other Chronic Conditions 669
5.42.7 Partners Healthcare Center for Connected Health 671
5.43 Philips 671
5.43.1 Phiips Visicu 673
5.43.2 Philips Addresses Healthcare Landscape 674
5.43.3 Philips/Respironics Monitoring Solution Powered By Cinterion TC65i: 678
5.43.4 Philips Sales 678
5.43.5 Philips Healthcare 679
5.43.6 Royal Philips Revenue 681
5.43.7 Royal Philips Electronics / Respironics 689
5.43.8 Philips Respironics 691
5.43.9 Philips Respironics 694
5.44 Polycom Acquires HP Telepresence Business 697
5.44.1 Polycom Global Leader In Standards-Based Unified Communications 698
5.4.10 Polycom Cloud-Based UC Solutions 699
5.4.11 Polycom Buys Hewlett Packard Halo/HVEN Network 700
5.4.12 Polycom Partnerships 700
5.4.13 Polycom Mobile UC Solutions 701
5.4.14 Polycom Focused Ecosystem Partnerships 701
5.4.15 Polycom Microsoft Partnership and Open Collaboration Network Partners 702
5.4.16 Polycom RealPresence Platform 703
5.4.17 Polycom Targets Growth Markets 704
5.4.18 Polycom Products And Services 705
5.4.19 Polycom Network Infrastructure 705
5.4.20 Polycom UC Group Systems 705
5.4.21 Polycom UC Personal Devices 705
5.4.22 Polycom Network Infrastructure 706
5.4.23 Polycom RMX. 706
5.4.24 Polycom Centralized Management Application (CMA). 706
5.4.25 Polycom Distributed Management Application (DMA). 707
5.4.26 Polycom VBP 707
5.4.27 Polycom RealPresence Media Manager 708
5.4.28 Polycom UC Group Systems 708
5.4.29 Polycom Product Set 708
5.4.30 Polycom Range Of UC Group Devices 709
5.4.31 Polycom Conference Phones 710
5.4.32 Polycom UC Personal Devices 710
5.4.33 Polycom Personal Telepresence Solutions 710
5.4.34 Polycom SoundPoint Series Of Standards-Based SIP Desktop Devices 711
5.4.35 Polycom Wireless Products 712
5.4.36 Polycom / Microsoft Family Of Devices 712
5.4.37 Polycom Revenues 713
5.4.38 Polycom Geographic Revenue 713
5.4.39 Polycom Segment Revenue 714
5.4.40 Polycom Strategic Investments And Key Strategic Initiatives 716
5.4.41 Polycom Business Segment Information: 718
5.4.42 Polycom Unified Collaboration Solutions ROI 718
5.4.43 Polycom Unified Agile Collaboration 719
5.4.44 Polycom Cloud-Based UC Solutions 721
5.4.45 Polycom Buys Hewlett Packard Halo/HVEN Network 721
5.4.46 Polycom Partnerships 722
5.4.47 Polycom Mobile UC Solutions 722
5.4.48 Polycom Focused Ecosystem Partnerships 723
5.4.49 Polycom Microsoft Partnership and Open Collaboration Network Partners 723
5.4.50 Polycom RealPresence Platform 725
5.4.51 Polycom Targets Growth Markets 725
5.4.52 Polycom Products And Services 726
5.4.53 Polycom Network Infrastructure 726
5.4.54 Polycom UC Group Systems 726
5.4.55 Polycom UC Personal Devices 727
5.4.56 Polycom Network Infrastructure 727
5.4.57 Polycom RMX. 727
5.4.58 Polycom Centralized Management Application (CMA). 727
5.4.59 Polycom Distributed Management Application (DMA). 728
5.4.60 Polycom VBP 728
5.4.61 Polycom RealPresence Media Manager 729
5.4.62 Polycom UC Group Systems 729
5.4.63 Polycom Product Set 729
5.4.64 Polycom Range Of UC Group Devices 730
5.4.65 Polycom Conference Phones 731
5.4.66 Polycom UC Personal Devices 731
5.4.67 Polycom Personal Telepresence Solutions 731
5.4.68 Polycom SoundPoint Series Of Standards-Based SIP Desktop Devices 732
5.4.69 Polycom Wireless Products 733
5.4.70 Polycom / Microsoft Family Of Devices 733
5.4.71 Polycom Revenues 733
5.4.72 Polycom Geographic Revenue 734
5.4.73 Polycom Segment Revenue 735
5.4.74 Polycom Strategic Investments And Key Strategic Initiatives 736
5.4.75 Polycom Business Segment Information: 738
5.4.76 Polycom Unified Collaboration Solutions ROI 738
5.4.77 Polycom Unified Agile Collaboration 740
5.45 ProConnections, Inc. 741
5.46 REACH Health, Inc. 741
5.46.1 REACH HealthInc Comprehensive Telemedicine Solution 742
5.46.2 REACH Comprehensive Solutions 743
5.46.3 REACH Health Telemedicine 745
5.46.4 Reach Customers 745
5.47 RS TechMedic BV 745
5.48 Samsung 746
5.48.1 2012 Samsung Predicts Global Economic Slowdown 747
5.48.2 Samsung Medical Business 749
5.49 Sandata Technologies, Inc. 749
5.50 STMicroelectronics 750
5.50.1 Debiotech and STMicroelectronics 750
5.51 TeleAtrics™ 751
5.52 Trifecta Technologies 753
5.53 TouchPointCare 754
5.53.1 TouchPointCare Strategic Position 755
5.53.2 Touch Point Care / Visiting Angels 756
5.53.3 Loyola Medical Center 757
5.53.4 LHC Group 757
5.53.5 Lexington Health Care 757
5.53.6 KSB Home Health 757
5.53.7 Home Care Health Services 758
5.53.8 Health Contact Partners - Wheeling, IL 758
5.53.9 Glaxo Smith Kline 759
5.53.10 Family Home Care 759
5.53.11 Aurora Health Care 759
5.53.12 Anderson Hospital Home Health Care 759
5.53.13 Almost Family/Caretenders 760
5.53.14 Advocate Home Health 760
5.54 Tunstall Healthcare Group 760
5.54.1 AMAC American Medical Alert Corp. 761
5.54.2 American Medical Alert Call Center Centric Solutions 762
5.54.3 AMAC Health and Safety Monitoring Systems (HSMS) 763
5.54.4 AMAC Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) 763
5.54.5 AMAC / Lifecomm 764
5.54.6 Visiting Nurse Service of New York and AMAC Contract for Provision of
Home Monitoring Emergency Response System 764
5.54.7 AMAC Telehealth Systems 765
5.54.8 AMAC Call Centers 766
5.54.9 AMAC Revenue 766
5.54.10 AMAC Telehealth systems 767
5.54.11 AMAC After Hours Answering Services 767
5.54.12 AMAC / Intel® Health Guide 768
5.55 University of Houston 771
5.56 Verizon Technologies 772
5.56.1 Verizon In The Wireless Market 773
5.56.2 Verizon Operates Advanced Broadband Backbone Networks 773
5.56.3 Verizon Owns And Operates Much Of The Infrastructure That Comprises The Internet 774
5.57 Veteran's Administration (VA) 774
5.58 VIDAVO S.A 775
5.59 Virtual Health 776
5.60 Viterion Corporation 776
5.61 Vodafone 777
5.1.1 Vodafone Cloud Features: 778
5.61.1 Vodafone Greece Network 780
5.61.2 Vodafone Greece Products and Services 780
5.61.3 Vodafone Specialized Services And Solutions 781
5.62 VRI 781
5.62.1 VRI Digi Pal 782
5.62.2 VRI partnership with Robert Bosch Healthcare 783
5.62.3 VRI Digi Pal 784
5.62.4 VRI 786
5.63 WellPoint: Independent Licensee Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association 786
5.63.1 WellPoint Large Health Benefits Company 787
5.63.2 Wellpoint Revenue by Segment 788
5.64 Windstream 789
5.65 Selected Providers for Emergency Medical Care Monitoring 789

List of Tables and Figures

Wireless Sensor Network
Table ES-1 51
Factors Driving Tele-Medicine and Clinical M-Health Adoption 51
Table ES-2 52
Tele-medicine Clinical Results 52
Table ES-3 53
Tele Health Monitoring Problem Solution Aspects 53
Figure ES-4 56
Telemedicine Wireless Sensor NetworkDevices for Emergency Transport Market
Forecasts, Dollars, Worldwide, 2013-2019 56
Figure 1-1 57
Remote Monitoring as Standard of Care 57
Table 1-2 63
Telemedicine Nursing Stations Typical Telemonitoring Questions 63
Table 1-3 65
Remote Patient Monitoring Device Uses 65
Table 1-4 66
Clinical Assessment and Response to Alert Provided by Telemonitor 66
TABLE 1-4 (Continued) 67
Clinical Assessment And Response To Alert Provided By Telemonitor 67
TABLE 1-5 68
Clinical Assessment And Actions Taken To Alert Provided By Telemonitor 68
Table 1-6 70
Telehealth Solutions Benefits 70
Table 1-7 72
Monitoring Used To Take Measurements In Homecare Settings 72
Table 1-8 73
Monitoring Measurement Functions In Homecare Settings 73
Table 1-9 80
Bosch Recommendations for Innovation Funded By The VA 80
Table 1-10 82
Intel Health Guide Functions 82
Table 1-11 83
Intel® Health Care

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Wireless Sensor Networks: Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2013 to 2019

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