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Videotron Reduces Risks and Costs by Benchmarking eNodeB Vendors Using Ercom MOBIPASS®

Ercom, the leading provider of 4G LTE eNodeB validation and optimization solution, announced today that it has performed an eNodeB benchmarking service to Videotron, a Canadian Mobile Network Operator deploying a 4G LTE Network in the Quebec Market.

Ercom’s eNodeB benchmarking service has been conducted within Videotron’s Lab in using eNodeBs under evaluation from different vendors. Videotron wanted to better evaluate eNodeB behavior and performance in their own network conditions. The MOBIPASS® MOB559, Multi-UEs emulator, which enables the reproduction of real-life field conditions and user behaviors in the lab, was used for the benchmarking. By having all vendors in the same lab, with the same realistic traffic model in a controlled environment, Videotron was able to get a complete report with the relevant KPIs they were interested in, in order to truly compare the vendors independently.

MOBIPASS®’ advanced Multi-UEs Channel Emulator, combined with the class-leading usability made it easy for the Videotron team to create its custom test scenario to re-produce conditions in lab as close as possible to the real world. Having a realistic test environment and powerful measurement tools enabled Videotron team to really stress the eNodeBs. This benchmarking service gave to Videotron the control over these innovative “trials” and therefore the ability to get the best performance out of the Network.

“We were thrilled by the results of the benchmark which gave us more elements to discuss with vendors. Moreover it helped us save at least 6 months of trialing followed by technical discussions and evaluations with the vendors. Ercom and MOBIPASS® offer a new way to benchmark eNodeB during the RFQ process: it is much faster, cheaper, reproducible and more meaningful than “trials”. It was a great experience that we plan to reproduce every time we receive new eNodeB software releases. ” commented Mr Serge Legris VP Engineering-Wireless Access at Videotron.

“We were pleased to help Videotron reduce the risk, time and cost associated with their eNodeB selection. Videotron is a key partner for Ercom. We are glad to work with such an innovative team with high Quality standard and help them face the challenges of LTE network deployment.” said Mario Genest, General Manager at Ercom.

About ERCOM: www.ercom.com
ERCOM is a telecom solution provider, dedicated to improving usage and confidence in telecommunication networks. ERCOM teams have developed high-end telecommunication technologies and solutions since 1986. ERCOM is dedicated to two main product lines: Wireless Network Optimization and Secure Communication.

About Videotron: www.videotron.com
Videotron is a Canadian telecommunications and entertainment pace-setter distinguished by its people's culture of excellence and its state-of-the-art products and services. It delivers the best possible customer experience while maintaining industry-leading profitability.

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