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Droids Greet Voters with the Help of Election Administrators, LLC in 2012 Presidential Election

Tablet computers greeted voters at hundreds of polling places across the United States during the 2012 Presidential Election thanks to forward-thinking election authorities and the innovation of Election Administrators, LLC (EA).

Instead of antiquated paper poll books or traditional laptop-based electronic poll books, poll workers used mobile technology to verify voter information, check in voters, and collect electronic signatures. The EA Tablet™ is the first of its kind – a smart and effective combination of cutting-edge hardware, mobile software, and a custom stand developed by Election Administrators, LLC, a trusted leader in mobile election technologies.

“EA has always found ways to implement mobile technology to make the voting process easier. The EA Pollbook™, our traditional style electronic poll book is a fine example. The EA Tablet™ is a simpler solution and costs 40% less than any other electronic poll book,” said Martin White, President of EA. He continued, “We chose the Android® platform because it is the most widely used mobile platform, it’s the most secure, the most stable, and provides instantaneous backup to a micro SD card.”

The process is simple; the voter hands the poll worker a driver’s license, state ID, voter ID card or other valid form of ID. The poll worker scans the ID with the camera located on the tablet device or simply types in the voter’s information. The voter is verified, processed and signs directly on the Asus® tablet – shortening check-in times and lines considerably, while improving accuracy and efficiency behind the scenes.

Hundreds of poll workers in 26 counties across 4 states successfully implemented the EA Tablet™ technology during the Presidential Election. Many utilized the technology during the early voting process as well as on Election Day. In some cases, more than 4000 voters were successfully checked in on one device. Election Officials say the feedback from voters and poll workers of all ages was positive.

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